FIPAC - FCT Inter-school Performing Arts Competition
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FIPAC logo


The Performing Arts School Nigeria/ The Studio Abuja was established in March 2012 by lovers of the arts. We have since contributed immensely to the nationwide growth of the industry and the promotion of performing arts and extra curricular activities within academic institutions. We pride ourselves for upholding high standards in providing quality training and impactful initiatives to further our objectives.


For 5 years, we have taught performing arts classes to hundreds of students in house and at partner schools in Abuja. We have gathered the best team of highly skilled instructors, and together we teach various forms of dance, musical instruments, drama, martial arts, and other creative workshops.


The FCT Interschool Performing Arts Competition (FIPAC) is our star programme. It is our highest valued initiative that captures and promotes all of our objectives in the most effective and exciting way. The first FIPAC took place on February 7th 2014 and has quickly grown into the most recognized and most anticipated annual event within Abuja’s top schools. Our goals were surpassed as the children performed, inspired each other, and were rewarded for their hard work. The smiles on their faces and the excited cheers from the audience assured us that FIPAC is here to stay.


FIPAC 2015 and FIPAC 2016 helped us prove this. In 2015 we raised our student participation by approximately 50% and once we expanded to Lagos State in 2016, we raised participation by another 110%! Our guest attendance has grown just as rapidly. FIPAC 2016 Abuja witnessed a completely sold out show with over 1000 guests. Our goal is to maintain this momentum and spread our outreach to every state by 2025.